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Allegiant Home Care Services

We accept Private Pay, Private Insurances, and State paid Insurances.


Personal Care
Assistance with bathing, hygiene and toileting.  Whether you need assistance with certain aspects of personal care or extensive assistance, we are able to help you.


Meal Preparation
We can help with making a shopping list, planning a menu, removing outdated items from the home, and assistance with preparation of meals and snacks if you are on a specialized or regular diet. Essential shopping assistance for the food items you need.
Assisting you to make sure you are safe in your environment and alerting you to situations or obstacles that may pose a safety hazard.
Mobility and Transfer
Our staff can help you with mobility in the home or community and assistance with getting into or out of bed, seats, or to or from wheelchair safely.
Light Housekeeping
We can help you with keeping your home tidy and sanitary.  We can help sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, clean bathroom, wipe counters, wash dishes, do laundry, make bed and change linens.
Medication Reminders
Caregivers can assist with reminding you to take your medications as well as assistance with calling in for refills and helping you get your refills from the pharmacy.
Providing companionship to you while a family member or primary care giver is away.
Chore Service
Assisting with chores to keep your home environment safe.  Yard work, chopping wood, some home maintenance projects.  
Assisting with a Bath only.  This is a 1 (one) hour shift for a flat rate based on physical assistance needs.
Nursing Assessment
Nurse will assess your current level of need for care.  This can be done yearly for a Private Pay or Private Insurance Client.  The Nurse will also provide monitoring through out the year.
Nurse Visits
The Nurse will monitor vitals, set up medication delivery systems, skin checks.
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