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Important Questions to Ask!

Choosing an Agency for yourself or your loved one is the first step.  You will first need to find the right Provider that you feel comfortable with.   

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You Are on the Right Path!

You are about to make one of the biggest decisions.  When considering an Agency, an important question is, do they have the proper Insurance?

Do they supply Workman's Compensation Insurance?  Do they pay all the employment taxes? How do they train their employees?  What is the Agencies availability to me as the client?

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What to Consider!

Dependability-- Ask Agency what there back up policy is?

Licensure-- Is the Agency followed by a State Agency?

Available Services-- Make sure the Agency can provide the services you are requesting.

Cost-- This can vary between Agencies.  Ask the Agency what is included in their cost and what their guarantee and focus is?

What sets the Agency apart from other agencies?

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