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Allegiant Home Care - 50 years of combined experience with integrity, compassion and commitment to You.

Meet the Staff


Allegiant Home Care

Tracy Berry

Executive Director

One of the founding members of Allegiant Home Care, Tracy has stuck to what she loves. Since she was 18 she has worked in many avenues of health care and has taken care of many clients with varying levels of need. Born in California, but a permanent Idahoan since the 4th grade, she has gained a knowledge that can only be found from working on all levels of  home care. With 25+ years under her belt-she has certifications as an MA, CNA and EMT Basic. With integrity first and keeping clients in their home where they’re most happy guiding her, Tracy (with her awesome team and her determination) will make an impact in this community and propel Allegiant as a leader in home care.

Jenny Gould

Supervising RN

Jenny has 10 years of experience and knowledge she brings to the table. Born in New Mexico but raised in Nampa, Jenny graduated with a BSN from Boise State University and then gained experience in Orthopedic & Brain injury rehab, pre-surgical screening & post-op recovery, and nursing management. She has been married 28+ years and has 2 kids (Bud and Pete), 2 dogs (Hailey and Comet), and 2 goats (Chloe and Seamus). She preps care plans, educates our caregivers & clients, and makes house visits. Jenny's goal for Allegiant is to grow with integrity and be a part of the most reputable PCS agency in the community.


Synka Hyde

Billing Supervisor

Synka's been involved in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, with most of that time spent working in long term and dementia care. She started in personal care services at a young age. Growing up, Her family opened their home to developmentally delayed adults, in what is now commonly known as Certified Family Homes. From there, she worked with the elderly population, focusing on dementia care. She's married to her best friend of 10+ years and has a young son. You can usually find her and her family doing something outdoors. They love camping and fishing, playing with their dog and just exploring.     

Maria D. Lorta

Human Resource / Spanish Client Advocate

Our Maria has been a CNA for many years. One of her greatest Passions in life is a personal Interaction with the Hispanic population in the valley taking care of her community. She has been a a single mother of 3 and now enjoys the company of mulitple grandchildren. She is newly married to the love of her life. Much of Maria's time is spent gardening and spending time outdoors with family. She's quite excited to be a part of Allegiant's team and plans to continue her passions of helping the Hispanic Community. One of her goals is to assist Allegiant Home Care in continuing to be a respectable company in the community.

Christina Sisneroz

Christina Sisneroz

Client Manager

Christina comes to us with years of experience in health care.  Christina hails from Oregon but she loves our great state of Idaho.  Her greatest accomplishment is her young son, Jamieson.  Being a proud mother of a toddler she brings that same patience and love to her job everyday.  Christina's goal is to be involved in the community and make sure your loved ones receive the best care possible.  She is excited to be part of our Amazing Allegiant family.  Her goal is to see Allegiant be a prosperous company in the community. 

Lane Gould

Boise Admin

Lane graduated college and decided he wanted to come and be part of our Team!  Lane is the first smiling face you will see at our New Boise Office.  His passion for the community is huge.  He is here for you and your loved ones, making sure that our integrity holds true.  He is ready to grow with the Allegiant Team and become a big presence in the Ada County area.

About Allegiant Home Care


The idea started over dinner. We were talking about the need for a different concept. Our family had used home care and home health services and we wanted to share what a big help and support those services were to us. We reached out to find a team that had the same dream that we had. That is where it all began, Allegiant was born.

Allegiant was created by the Hazel, Gould and Berry families and to this day it remains a labor of love. We love working with the community and supporting our community through various civic and recreational activities. Allegiant has an accumulated knowledge base of almost 50 years in hands on care giving.

What does "Allegiant" mean?

The name Allegiant means faithful and loyal, committed and true.  We wanted to name the company after our core beliefs and the choice was an easy one.  

Why the "Shamrock" ?

Each of the leaves in the shamrock of our logo stands for the three pillars of our values;

  • Integrity - we ​believe that without integrity first, the foundation for all else is thin and nothing else can stand.

  • Compassion - we demonstrate our compassion through patient understanding and caring with all we interact and encounter daily.

  • Commitment -  ​we are committed to our clients, our caregivers, our staff and our community.  Everyone we come in contact with deserve dignity, advocacy, and compassionate understanding.  We, at Allegiant, are committed to the people and community that we serve and who have supported us so fully. 




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